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Charlotte Mason Coaching

Empowering Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers with Ambleside Online Expertise.

Meet your coach

Hello there! I'm Beth Khazraee. Over the past decade, I've had the joy of homeschooling my four boys. Guided by Charlotte Mason's principles and following the enriching path of Ambleside Online, I've found a deep passion for nurturing education through living books.

Throughout my journey, I've often wished for a fellow homeschooling woman to exchange insights with, someone a few steps ahead to discuss literature selections and homeschooling structure. Encouraged by a friend who frequently seeks my advice on books and curriculum, I've decided to extend my services to others.

If you're seeking a companion to brainstorm ideas with, to curate living books tailored to your family's needs while embracing the ethos of Ambleside Online, I'm here to lend a listening ear and share the wisdom I've gathered over the years. Let's embark on this educational adventure together!

Coaching Services Available

Customized Curriculum Planning

Assist families in developing personalized curriculum plans based on Charlotte Mason principles, tailored to their children's learning styles and interests.

Living Books Selection

Provide guidance in selecting high-quality living books that align with Charlotte Mason's philosophy and the Ambleside Online curriculum.

Homeschool Schedule Optimization

Help families create efficient and balanced daily schedules that incorporate Charlotte Mason's educational methods while allowing for flexibility and exploration.

Art and Composer Study Guidance

Provide resources and guidance on incorporating art and composer study into the homeschool curriculum, following Charlotte Mason's recommendations for exposure to the arts.

Mentoring Sessions

Offer one-on-one mentoring sessions to support, encourage, and provide practical advice to parents embarking on or continuing their Charlotte Mason homeschooling journey.

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