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Charlotte Mason Copywork Printables

Set good copies before him and see that he imitates his model dutifully

-Charlotte Mason, Home Education

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    About Me

    As a homeschooler who follows Charlotte Mason's principles, I have witnessed firsthand the power of daily copywork in improving my children's spelling, grammar, and writing skills over the last nine years. However, as our homeschooling needs grew, I found myself struggling to find the time to select passages and neatly write them out for each child to transcribe.

    That's why I created Simple Copywork – a store dedicated to streamlining the copywork process using living books, poems, and hymns that we love and read. Our handwriting worksheets, printables, and templates are designed to simplify your school day and help you establish the habit of daily copywork, the Charlotte Mason way.

    With Simple Copywork, you can trust that you're getting high-quality resources that align with Charlotte Mason's philosophy. Our materials are carefully curated to offer a broad range of passages and themes, allowing your children to grow their skills and knowledge as they practice their handwriting.

    Thank you for considering Simple Copywork as a part of your Charlotte Mason homeschooling journey. Let us help you make copywork simple, effective, and enjoyable for your family.