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How do you select the passages for copywork lessons?

We enjoy reading living books in our homeschool. As we read, I look for sections that interest my children, communicate the chapter's main points, and are well-written. I then go back over the selections looking for sentences that can be easily decoded along with one or two challenging or rule-breaking words. I vary the choices between short and long, dialogue and descriptive, and memorable and fun passages with serious and character-building references. I hope these copywork printables will help you streamline lessons in your homeschool and further your enjoyment of the books you read.

What are the different font sizes? Which font size is best for my writer?

The 60-point font works best for beginning writers (preschool thru 2nd Grader). The 40-point font works best for elementary-aged students (2nd-5th Graders). Try the fonts and sizes by downloading the free letter formation practice pages.